Ian Anderson

For the opening of our 2015 season, we were delighted to welcome Ian Anderson, the visionary designer and brain behind Yorkshire’s renowned and hugely influential graphic adventurers The Designers Republic TDR™. Ian’s work has been housing cutting edge music since the early 80′s, furthering the evocative and significant relationship between two beautiful art forms.

Despite having travelled the globe lecturing, exhibiting, and working with Warp, Nokia, MTV and Nike, Anderson is still ferociously northern at heart, with a glut of branding work done in Yorkshire, and Leeds. For the first time ever, Ian and TDR™ have brought together a gorgeous collection of works for Leeds based clients which showcases creativity that has supported and developed the creative industries in the city.

The exhibition ‘Fur Coat & No Knickers’  examines TDR™’s work for Leeds based clients 1986 to current day and runs at Outlaws Yacht Club until 31 March 2015 .

We celebrated the opening of the exhibition with a Chinwag that exuded insight, self awareness, the vagaries of design agency life, creativity and laughter.