Alice Nutter

For 23 years Alice Nutter was a member of the Leeds anarchist collective Chumbawamba, whose ethos was to live and work communally. The band’s own brand of agit-prop had a cult following from 1984 onwards until (to everybody’s surprise, including Chumbawamba’s) the band had a mega hit here and in the States with Tubthumping. When Chumbawamba morphed into an acoustic folk combo 10 years ago, several members of the band left to do other things. Alice focused on writing. A stint as a staff writer on Leeds Other paper in the early 90′s convinced her that she was a rubbish journalist, so started to write for stage, screen and radio. Ten years on, Alice has had three plays at West Yorkshire Playhouse (with a fourth Barnbow Canaries due to run June/July) several radio plays and continually writes for the screen. Her credits include working with Jimmy McGovern on Moving On, The Street and The Accused and has written for other series including The Mill, The White Princess, No Offence.

Alice was a formidable guest,  a genuine inspiration with such wonderful values;  humanity, integrity, determination and optimism . Such qualities are, I believe, the reason why many of her former Chumbawamba bandmates with us as audience members.  What an amazing group of  human beings- Mave Mills, Dunstan Bruce, Boff Whalley and Harry Hamer amongst them. Thank you all for helping us support MAP.