George ‘SEN-1′ Morillo

George “SEN-1” Morillo is an original member of the “Incredible Bombing Masters” (IBM)–one of the most respected Graffiti crews in Hip Hop history. SEN’s career started in the 80’s when graffiti was considered a crime and this growing subculture evolved into dance, song and hip hop as we know it. The war on graffiti created a shift for SEN and fast forward to the present; SEN’s private collectors include the likes of First Lady Michelle Obama, to musicians like Fabolous and Rita Ora.

George joined us for a super special evening, to a sold-out crowd of folks who’d travelled far and wide for his first chat in the UK. We can only say this- if you have the chance to go listen to George do so- his story is phenomenal. A true pioneer and good guy too.