Chinwag is an easy going chat about life and whatever else comes up. Held monthly at Outlaws Yacht Club bar/art space in Leeds, our guests are creative thinkers and doers who share life stories, experiences, ideas, thoughts and themselves. Our events support the Leeds based registered charity MAP (Music and Arts Production) which offers arts and music courses to young people who are at risk of exclusion from mainstream education.

Hosted by psychotherapist Chris Madden, Chinwag invites you to lean in and listen to a conversation about creativity, life and anything else that springs to mind. Unlike a typical Q&A there is no set format so this is an opportunity to get to know someone a bit better, hear a few of their tales, find out what makes them tick, share some insights and perhaps ask a few questions too.

chinwag Ease

Of the night, Chris Madden says “I’m deeply interested in everyone I meet, so Chinwag is an opportunity to share some time exploring. I appreciate that this is not a typical approach but I really don’t want to be Parky, The Culture Show, Jonathan Ross or Melvyn Bragg…it’s a chat! I never have a starting point before we sit down together, I never know what I’m going to say or how it will begin, I don’t have an agenda or a place to get to. Each guest is free to bring as much of themselves as they are comfortable with.  This way  means that stories evolve naturally, surprising things come out in conversation, connections are made. Our guest Greg Wilson noted after our chat that ‘I’ve said stuff there that I’ve never really talked about in such an environment’. High praise indeed, thank you Greg.

Chinwag Greg 3


Outlaws Yacht Club is such a lovely space to do it in because it’s very intimate. In many ways the space dictates Chinwag because it lends an intimacy to two people who’ve often just met, having a chat. I’m always really curious about how a person has got to where they are right now and about their story and I think the small space of Outlaws allows that to develop. From that position, anything can happen. Wherever it goes, one thing I know for sure is that our regular crowd are all as deeply interested in every guest as I am. And each of our guests wants to come back and do it again! That’s wonderful because, for me, it’s a huge privilege to be able to share such a unique experience with our incredible guests.”

Chinwag is a FREE event, made possible by our guests who give their time so we can support the young people in our community. We ask a door donation which helps MAP to  support work with students on developing creative skills, achieving academic qualifications, building confidence and reaching their full potential.

Enjoy our Chinwag films on the ‘Chinwags’ page. And join us, if you can, at our monthly events in Leeds.

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